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Garage Door Opener

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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Maintenance

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How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

02/02/2014 Back To Blog

Certain procedures, which would include lubrication, adjustment and repairs, ensure the stability of the door and the good performance of all garage door parts. It's important to understand that tracks are extremely important for certain types of garage systems and if they are not aligned properly, the door might fall and the rollers won't be able to move straight. Small details make huge difference to the way the door would move and that's why you must never underestimate the importance of certain garage door repairs.

Understanding the importance of tracks

The tracks actually allow your sliding or overhead door to move. Without them these garage systems would simply not work. Actually, sliding doors are secured and supported by the top and bottom tracks in order to move back and forward. Overhead garage doors slide in tracks in order to close down or open up by reaching all the way at the top along the ceiling. Hence, tracks ought to be in outstanding condition, clean, well lubricated and free of any dents. It's also important to remember that tracks come in different sizes and, therefore, their replacement would require precise measurement of the length, width and thickness of horizontal, curved and vertical tracks.How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

How to align tracks

If the tracks are not aligned, the garage door rollers won't slide properly and the door won't open/close all the way. Such problems would actually create significant issues with your system and the safety of your car as well as of your family will be compromised. It's good to know three things:

1.      The gap between the door and the track must be at least ½ inch.

2.      If the track is too close to the door, the door will certainly bind. If the track is farther away from where it is supposed to be, the door will fall.

3.      The tracks are secured on garage door brackets, which secure on the door's frame.

If you have an overhead door, remember that it must be kept closed in order for the tracks to be adjusted.

* Your main goal is to bring the tracks to the right position. Neither too far nor too close to the door. So, you need to loosen up the screws that secure the tracks in order to be able to move it slightly over.

* Remember that you want the track to be in a parallel position with the door and have a gap of ½ inch between them, so you might need to have a tape measure with you.

* Once you are sure that the tracks are in the right position and plumb, you must tighten the screws.

* You need to make sure that the bolts, which bind together the tracks and the brackets, are tightened. In some cases, when these bolts are loose, they will cause the misalignment of the garage door tracks. The bolts will rub against the rollers and, consequently, the door will get stuck or bind. So, when you complete the procedure of adjusting the tracks, you must make sure they are well tightened.

* Make sure the bolts, which connect the brackets to the jambs, are also tightened. You may need a screwdriver to hold the bolts as you tighten the nuts.

* Try out the door's movement and make sure the rollers move properly. 

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